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Surface Grinding Machine

A surface grinder is a machine tool used to provide precision ground surfaces, either to a critical size or for the surface finish. The machine consists of a table that traverses both longitudinally and across the face of the wheel.

Technical Specifications: (in mm)

Technical Specifications: (in mm)




A, 1A, 2A, 3A ED/HD


A, 1A, 2A, 3A ED/HD


A, 1A, 2A, 3A ED/HD

Table Size


200x500mm (8”x20”)

250x600mm (10”x24”)

300x600mm (12”x24”)

Max. Grinding Length


525mm (21”)

625mm (25”)

625mm (25”)

Max. Grinding Width


212mm (8½”)

262mm (10½”)

312mm (12½”)

Max. Distance From Table Surface To Spindle Centerline


350mm (14”)

400mm (16”)

Longitudinal Movement of Table

Hand wheel per rev.

100mm (4”)

Table speed elect. Autofeed




Max. travel elect. Autofeed

525mm (21”)

625mm (25”)

625mm (31”)

Max. travel hydraulic

Table speed infinitely variable hydraulic

50 HZ, 5-10 m/min

Cross Transverse Travel

Max. Auto Transverse travel

212mm (8½”)

262mm (10½“)

312mm (12½”)

Hand wheel per revolution

5mm (0.2”)

Hand wheel per graduation

0.05mm (0.0012½”)

Auto transverse increment

1-10mm (0.04”-0.4”

Wheel head Vertical

Handwheel per revolution

1mm (0.05”)

Handwheel graduation


Grinding Spindle Drive

Power Rating

1 HP

2 HP


50HZ, 2850 R.P.M., 60HZ, 3450 R.P.M.

Standard Grinding Wheel


178mm (7”)

203mm (8”)


12mm (½”)

19mm (3/4”)


31.78 (1½”)

Hydraulic Motor

Power Rating

1 HP x 6P

2 HP x 6P

Longitudinal Feed Motor

Power Rating

1 HP x 6P

2 HP x 6P

Floor Space

Length x width x height

Total space required

2030 x 1370 x 1630 mm

(80”x 54”x 64”)

2450 x 1500 x 1630 mm

(96”x 61”x 64”)

2500 x 1600 x 2500 mm

(98”x 66”x 98”)

Packing Dimensions

L x W x H

1680 x 1270 x 1650 mm

(66”x 50”x 65”)

1780 x 1320 x 1650 mm

(70”x 52”x 65”)

1780 x 1400 x 1700 mm

(70”x 56”x 67”)